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Easy Migrating from Rawgit to Staticaly

Use this URL in production

  • No traffic limits or throttling. Files are served via super fast global CDN.

  • Use a specific tag or commit hash in the URL (not a branch). Files are cached permanently based on the URL.

  • Load your project from GitHub/GitLab/Bitbucket easily!

  • Files are cached in the browser for 1 year. Learn more about cache behavior.

Load file from GitHub more easier!

Easy Migrating from Rawgit to Staticaly


You can use this page to migrating your content from RawGit to Staticaly.

You just have to replace cdn.rawgit.com/ with cdn.staticaly.com/gh/

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Staticaly is a free CDN for Git repositories, WordPress, images and other assets with high-performance of caching and optimization.

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